Voice Of Principal

Voice of Principal

Autar Lama


As we all know that, Japan has become a popular destination for abroad study among Nepalese Students. Thus, keeping these facts in mind Ikigai Education consultancy is established to assist Nepalese Student who wants to pursue their further education from globally recognized Universities of Japan. We have been providing many services and also have been working as a bridge between Nepalese Students and Japanese.
Japan is known as one of the developed and prosperous countries in the world. In addition, its technological breakthrough and educational advancement has aroused curiosity and attraction to people from all over the world. Due to its influence there is an increasing number of Nepalese students showing interest towards Japan day by day. As a result, many students are planning to continue their education from renowned Japanese Colleges and University.
In this institution we have got excellent language trainers who are specialist in this field and have many years of experience, qualifications in teaching Japanese and Korean language to many students. Thus, we would like to welcome you all in Ikigai Education consultancy and help you in further guidance related to study in Japan. Thank You !